Where My Journey Began

After having a near death experience in 2011, my world began changing through a series of incredible synchronistic events. In 2012, I walked the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile spiritual pilgrimage in Spain. Soon after, I formed a men’s meditation group that inspired me to delve deeper into the healing arts.

The Healing Arts

Interest in healing led me to attend a fascinating workshop presented by a Shaman. I learned that the story of the Shamanic Journey was one I had been telling my son every night at bedtime for years.

I later became a 7th generation Shamanic Reiki Master. I am currently an apprentice to Don Zane Curfman, founder of the Salka Many Ayllu community created for the preservation of folk medicine ways and earth-honoring ceremonies.

My Studies in Astrology

I am also studying astrology, and I began delineating charts as part of my coursework. I will earn my Professional Astrology Diploma from the International Academy of Astrology in 2017.

“Very interesting and informative approach to personal insight and development- shockingly accurate and anexciting new way of learning about self.”

Dr. Robert Smith

Services Offered by Urban Shaman

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