Self-Exploration and “Livin’ the Dream”

I actually considered calling this post “the wisdom of the checkout line” but decided otherwise; here is the backstory. Recently I was in line at a local grocery store and was surprised and intrigued by a brief conversation taking place at the cash register directly behind me. The cashier greeted the customer with the usual “how are you today?” to which the customer declared in a rather sarcastic tone “livin the dream”! Now I have heard this exchange many times in many different situations but what was unique this time was what I heard next. The rather demure and unassuming cashier then matter-of-factly replied “yours or someone else’s?”

I couldn’t resist at that point to glance behind me and see the reaction of the young man who had made the comment now standing silent, flat-footed and possessing a deer-in-headlights appearance. The moment brought new meaning to speechless. There was an awkwardness that filled the air but also a sense that something deeply profound had been posited. My suspicion is that young man heard those words in his mind the balance of the day. Strangely though, I did too.

What a deep and self-exploratory question to ponder!

The truth of the matter is that it is all too often the case that we find ourselves in life living someone else’s dream or surrendering our desires to something we know is not what we truly want. Don’t feel bad if you are saying to yourself right now “no kidding”; you have plenty of company. The good news is this, you can start over, each morning. You really can. Your dreams likely won’t manifest instantaneously but with focused intent and real resolve I know it can happen.

To get there it is vital you surrender preconceived ideas that are holding you back, banish unhealthy attachments to others opinions that are not supportive and avoid toxic energies that hinder your quest. Next, tune in to your inner voice. Have a personal practice that provides you with the environment in which you can listen intently to the divine guidance you and every person on the planet is able to receive.

Remember though having this ability is not an assurance you will. It simply means its available. You must personally take the steps to put yourself in the right frequency to hear this guidance. Sadly, most people in the modern world find themselves in that place on the radio dial where there is a steady drone of static, sprinkled with mutterings that can’t be translated. With personal commitment and effort that signal can become clear and your life will improve dramatically when it does.

One final thought, never underestimate where a profound teaching can take place. Wisdom can even be found in the checkout line.

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